cfp: Sonologia: Out of Phase


The Sonologia 2016 – Out of Phase international sound studies conference welcomes submissions from researchers
across different fields of study that can refer to, but are not limited to, the following topics:
• postcolonial historiographies that counter euro-american narratives and describe the importance of other geographically
situated musical/sonic practices, not only in the development of a regional experimental/contemporary music scene, but
also in the wider history of such practices;
• practice-based artistic research and/or musicological reports of music, sound art (improvisation, composition,
performance, installation, radio, field recording, performance, site-specific endeavours) or other post-medium/hybrid
• case studies that describe and reflect on the processes involved in the transfer of knowledge, technology and creative
practices between different geographical realities (relating to music/sound);
• critical insights into the politics of sound: demarcation and regulation of territories and communities, online and public
activism, noise abatement, sonic warfare and torture;
• research projects or case studies that promote the accessibility of music technology software/hardware, through
repurposing old/novel technologies or using open-source platforms;
• discussions related to technical, social and poetic aspects regarding the role of technology in music and sound art
• inter or trans-disciplinary methodological papers that describe the study of sound/music and its pertinence to other
• ethnographic inquiries that describe the national and institutional frameworks that support contemporary/experimental
music and sound art making;
• expanded epistemic and multimodal accounts of knowing the world through feminist, queer, trans, race or(and) other
non-normative/binary listening perspective(s);
• inquiries that problematise discursive and practical tropes in contemporary sonic artworks that deal with place, nature
and human/non-human entities;
• discussion(s) regarding the mediation of composers’/artists’ presence (authorial and physical) in making/presenting music
or art


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